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CS Wing Fook

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New standard for the Highest Quality

timber and paper products at lower prices

Joss paper


In many models...



Caskets - Coffins

Handcrafted wooden caskets - coffins, urns and joss paper

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USD 38.50

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Casket CS Wing Fook

USD 575.00

Joss paper art

USD 12.00

                                                               CS Wing Fook is producer of luxury wooden caskets, coffins, urns and                                 joss paper. From 2007 we begun to establish a new standard for quality and selection as timber and paper product supplier. With careful attention to design, the choice of the best materials and using the most economical processing, we can guarantee our customers savings

on our products of 15 - 25%. It is our pledge to provide the highest quality

timber and paper products at lower prices than any of our competitors.



We supply caskets - coffins and urns in

many models and finishes, as you find in

these website catalogs. Additional to the

manufacturing of our own products we also

do the manufacturing of customers designs.



                                                The joss paper catalog shows over

                                                 450 different types of Handcrafted

                                                 paper models. Please take a look...



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By  Karina  Smigla Bobinski